March 04, 2006

Definition of the Course

(3-0)3 credits
Ulus Baker
Assisted by Research Assistant Bilge DemirtaƟ

Modern Visual Arts is a course on visual culture, the realm of technical images and of visual communications. We are intending thereby to introduce a classification of images from the standpoints of theoretical debates in the theory of cinema, and in cultural theory in general. Its theoretical part requires a series of core and peripheral readings, attendance to class discussions and lectures,followed by the preparation of weekly annotations, proposals and a theoretically organized final paper.
The ultimate final project will be evaluated on individual basis,thematically developed through class discussions and the development of the practical tasks: the themes to be considered are images of city iconography, the time-image of the past, milieux of memory and the like, to be suggested by the students themselves during classes. The development of themes will be considered by follow-ups during classes.
The lectures will be given as a seminar course, followed by discussions and theoretical assignments. There will be days open forevery student to watch the assigned films at GISAM. The intensive practical programme too will be carried at GISAM and using its videographic material.

There are no compulsory readings for this course. However, there are core and peripheral readings:the core readings are:
- G. Deleuze, Cinema 1-2: Movement-Image, Time-Image.
- A. Bazin, What is Cinema?
- peripheral readings will be assigned in accordance to the topics and themes developed by each student or group.
- students will become members of the mail-list, and additional readings and lectures willbe send to this list as files.

Class attendance is essential in this course, as everything will depend on the active participation of the students into class discussions, development of themes and topics, and the performance in projects.


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